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We didn't want boring gummy bears, so why would you?

Conley Confections is a brand new confectionary company that was established amidst the 2020 pandemic. With the hope to bring back smiles, we created a gummy bear recipe that is one of the softest, chewiest gummy bears we've ever had. Handmade in small batches to ensure that the quality is always as it's best, we work hard to come up with fun, new and inventive flavors.

The founder of Conley Confections has worked in many commercial kitchens and has been working in the baking industry for 4 years. With a hunger for creativity and knowledge, she has created this company with a few goals in mind. 

  • push creativity
  • keep learning about new flavors and techniques
  • make people happy


If you are worried about us being a "home based kitchen" please don't! We rent commercial kitchen spaces when we need to fulfill our orders and all the food safety procedures are being followed. 

Our main office is in Brinston, ON and we make all of our product in the small town of Smith's Falls, ON.